Sunday, November 26, 2017

Upgrading To A Larger Family Vehicle

This is a sponsored post.

We are thinking of upgrading our family car. Well right now we are driving a Kia Sedan and it is a bit snug for a family of 5. We became a family of 5 last September. Living in New York we get a good deal of snow too. Snow, commuting, and comfort are 3 factors we are using to find our new vehicle.

We need to do some research and decide if we want a used or new car. We want a SUV that will fit 3 kids in the back seat. I have started to look on and have found a few JEEP and other SUV's that I like. It shows where the vehicles are located and you can refine your search with price and location.

We never owned an AWD car but I really want one. Gas mileage is another factor when picking out a new car. Reliability and safety are very important as well.

Have you owned a SUV? Do you like it better than a car? What has been your favorite vehicle?