Sunday, July 5, 2015

Skip Hop Backpack

I really love this Skip Hop Forma backpack in black. My kids are not babies anymore but one is still using diapers. Plus, when you go out this would be a good size to put wipes and snacks in also. I normally go for bags that are black because they go with most of my outfits.
You can find this stylish bag here on Amazon.

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

EggDrop Subscription Box Review

We received a complimentary EggDrop box to review. My kids absolutely love watching surprise egg and toy openings on YouTube. This is such a fun subscription to get for the kids.
EggDrop Subscription Box

EggDrop is a subscription box that will deliver you monthly toy surprises. You will find all sorts of fun brands. My kids favorite was Shopkins from Moose toys.


Inside the box:
-Kinder Joy
-Shopkins Season 3 basket
-Marvel Spiderman
-TMNT egg
-Minions mystery bag
-Fashems Frozen Surprise

Season 3 Shopkins

Do your kids know Shopkins toys? It is amazing how addicting these cute little collectibles can be. Even I get excited to see what's inside the bags. So, who did we get?

Wild Carrot and Chatter

We got Wild Carrot and Chatter. Our first two characters from the new season. I love the new basket design and coloring.


We got this cute little Minion. Perfect timing too. The new movie trailers are adorable. I sometimes call my children minions since they can act quite silly.

Iron man

Inside the Marvel Spiderman mystery, we got Iron man. My son likes Iron Man. He was happy about this one.

Inside the TMNT egg we got some hard candy. The Kinder Joy egg was devoured by my son. I didn't even get a taste. The toy was a little girl figure with stickers to decorate.

Fashems Frozen 

OK, this was inside the Fashems Frozen surprise. My son thinks its the boy character Kristoff. I only saw the movie once. I know I'm terrible to not have gotten on the Frozen wagon. I'm old school for my love of The Little Mermaid.

Overall, we all agree this was a good box. If your kids enjoy surprises this would be the perfect subscription for them.

Price: $19.99 per month
Most toy subscription boxes fall in the same price range. Believe me, we have tried them.

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Friday, June 26, 2015

Aloha Friday Blog Hop Week 4

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wordless Wednesday Nature Parks on Long Island

Here are some photos of the places we love to go located here on Long Island. As a teenager I wanted to escape. As an adult I see the beauty of nature that exists all around us. These places are only the North shore, there are many more places to discover.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Remembering Your Childhood With Netflix

Lately, when I browse through Netflix I feel Deja Vu or a connection to my childhood. There are many shows that are remade into better animation. My Little Pony, Inspector Gadget, and Power Rangers are still going strong. 

One of our favorite shows on Netflix is Star Wars Clone Wars animated series. It is highly entertaining and has a good story line. Of course it's not following the film story line exactly. Anakin has an apprentice in this animated series. But you will see how he questions the ways of the Jedi in certain episodes. I really enjoy the animation style as well. This series is over and a new series is going on through Disney.

There are so many interesting characters and my family loves anything Star Wars related.

My favorite character is Ahsoka. She is Anakin's apprentice, a Jedi padawon. She follows what is in her heart, which might not always be what the rules are. I heard they brought her character back on Star Wars Rebels. 

If you are looking for some feel good classics to watch in July, Forrest Gump and Top Gun are available for streaming. These two movies are always fun to watch. 

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