Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Softer Than Brittle Snack Review

Softer Than Brittle is a great snack to bring with you this summer. Do you have a long car ride? Are you going to the beach or park? Throw a few of these in your bag and go. I love that they are gluten free, dairy free, and safe for vegans. They are a healthy alternative when it comes to snacking in our household. They are also safer on the teeth. It isn't like regular brittle where it hurts to bite on. This brittle really is soft and flaky.

They are bite size which is nice for the kids. Softer Than Brittle comes in different nut types. My favorite is the cashew one. It is made with 6 to 7 ingredients and comes from a family recipe.
I am so happy we tried this delicious treat.

You can find Softer Than Brittle on Amazon.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Smooshy Mushy Squishies

We love squishies. Smooshy Mushy makes so many cute squishies. These are really tiny ones. You can use them as keychains if you want. Sometimes they even smell nice.

Check out my YouTube channel. We play with squishies, video games, and more.

Barefoot and Loving It.

Rainy Day Playtime with Goliath Games

It may be summer time but it still can rain. What do you do with the kids on rainy days? Board games are a great way to entertain them. Goliath Games make so many fun board games for all ages.

Build or Boom is really fun. I enjoyed playing with my daughter. If you aren't fast enough, another player can blow up your work. This can get really challenging.

Let's Go Fishing' is super cute for the little ones in the family. My almost 2 year old was ready to play and my 6 year old. They had fun playing together.

Giggle Wiggle needs batteries. He moves around. This game will bring lots of laughs. It is great for the little kids and even us old adults.

Rainy days do not have to be so boring. Grab a few games and keep them in the closet. They are great for family game night and playdates.

Goliath Games sent us these games for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Toys Galore At SweetSuite18

This year at SweetSuite18 was held at Chelsea Piers. It is really beautiful there during the summer. Inside you could find the coolest balloon maze ever. I loved this palm tree made of balloons. So creative and fun.

Every year at SweetSuite you can find the greatest toy brands in the industry. This year they opened it up to the kids too. I think next year I will bring my older two kids. We certainly buy a lot of toys in our household.

My daughter loves JoJo everything right now. I thought this outfit looked pretty cool. JoJo clothing line is coming to a Target near you. Our family shops at Target nearly every week. Look at that skirt. So much sparkle!

Both my son and daughter really like Pokemon. My son has a crazy collection of Pokemon EX and GX cards. These figures are super cute. Pokemon is one of the shows I can tolerate on repeat. There are battle figures and cute plushies.

Fingerlings are very popular right now. We have a monkey and a unicorn at home. I love these tiny ones that you can put on a pencil or hang from anywhere.

This year Moose Toys are bringing you these fun figures. They come inside a tin which has hard sand. You fizz it away and dig into it. The figures are neat and could be for boys and girls. My 9 year old son can't wait to get his hands on more.

I must say, overall it was a great experience. This was my 3rd year going to SweetSuite and I loved it.
You even get a swag box full of toys shipped to your house. How amazing is that? If you are a blogger, influencer, and/ or YouTuber you can go. Many people book hotel rooms if they are from out of town. You can get discounted room rates for your trip. I took the LIRR train in.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Healthy Kids Meals With Yumble

Being a parent to multiple kids gets hectic. Lunches and snacks need to be packed. We want them to eat healthy but also quick prepare time. Yumble subscription makes it easier on us. They have many different meal options. All of them are healthy. I really like the ones that you don't even have to cook.

You open up the sleeve. There will be directions on how to prepare your kids meal. Some will tell you a cook time. Others say no cooking. I found that these meals worked well with my two daughters. My youngest who will be 2 in September, loves to eat most foods. My 5 year old likes mac n cheese. So the Yes Please Mac n Cheese was her favorite.

I found myself sharing Munch a Lunch with my youngest. These are fun for snacking too. Some kids do not eat huge meals every sitting. I find these to be good portions.

Do you need a healthy and stress free food option to feed your little ones? I would recommend trying Yumble out.

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