Friday, April 17, 2015

Daredevil Netflix Original


I'm very excited to have watched the first episode of Daredevil on Netflix. I enjoy most movies that have been based off of comics and graphic novels. This series is a Netflix original. It had a serious tone but nice fighting sequences too. I'm all about the action. My attention span is short these days. I need a story that will really grab my attention and I feel like this series will do it. Plus the whole season is out for me to binge watch. 

This month the Stream Team is focusing on lies. What do you do when your kids lie? I try to explain that there is no need to lie. Always tell the truth. Adults have problems with this more than children. In the first episode of Daredevil the client lies to Murdock. They focus on the sound of her heart beat and the fact that it increases in beats per minute when she lies. I thought that was cool since he couldn't see her acting nervous. 

For the kids this month there is another Netflix original Inspector Gadget.

I remember watching Inspector Gadget as a kid. I think I may be more excited about seeing this than my son. It looks like it will be fun. 

Do you remember this show? 
What will you be watching during your free time?

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Beating the Winter Blues with Netflix

Netflix Stream Team

I don't know about you but this winter is kicking my butt. I'm so ready for the warm weather to begin. My family and I miss going to nature reserves and parks. So lately, I've been couching it with Netflix.
When my daughter isn't hogging the TV and watching Daniel Tiger I get to watch what I want.

The Interview

The Interview is a controversial movie but I decided to watch it anyway. It is "stupid fun". Silly and dumb but it certainly made me laugh. I personally am a fan of Seth Rogen and James Franco, they make quite a team. I was excited to see that it was on Netflix.

Knights of Badassdom

Another funny one that we watched on Netflix this winter is Knights of Badassdom. This had a mix of Larping and metal music. It was an entertaining cast as well. Summer Glau is a personal favorite of mine from Firefly and Serenity. Although I have never seen Game of Thrones, Peter Dinklage rocks. I know, I know, I totally need to get my hands on Game of Thrones DVD's. 

These are just a couple of the movies that made me laugh away my winter blues. 

What have you been watching on Netflix?

Monday, January 5, 2015

Watch All Hail King Julien on Netflix

Stream Team

King Julien has his own show called All Hail King Julien. He's got his side kicks Maurice and Mort with him as he meets a whole bunch of new animals. This is a great show for the family to watch together or just the little ones while you are making dinner. If you liked King Julien from the Penguins of Madagascar then you will be happy to see this show. He's a funny character who likes to shake his booty and knows how to party. 

New Years Eve Special

My kids don't really watch this but that's okay because Netflix has a ton of shows they do watch. My daughter's favorite show right now is Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood which in my eyes cannot replace Mr. Rogers. She can't get enough of this show. 

My son loves Curious George. He's been watching it since he was a toddler. He is now 6 but still enjoys the show. The Curious George seasonal Specials are super cute to watch. 

Curious George

A Very Monkey Christmas played quite often during our holiday season. I'm pretty sure we have seen every episode and movie of Curious George. 

Go onto Netflix now and find your favorite. What show does your family like to watch together?
Let me know in the comments because we need some new shows to watch.

*Disclosure-I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team.*

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Crazy Rumors Lip Balm Review

Crazy Rumors Lip Balm

Crazy Rumors sells natural and vegan lip products. Their lip balms are wonderful and they smell great. They use organic shea butter and jojoba oil. On application, the lip balm goes on smooth. I don't like lip balms that feel hard and sticky.

My favorite lip balm I got to try was the French Vanilla. Yum! I didn't try to lick it but I do like when my lips smell like baked goods. The Amaretto is a great smell too. I like that Crazy Rumors is using natural ingredients. Nobody needs toxic chemicals on their lips or anywhere on their body.

HibisKiss comes in 6 shades. This is their signature lip balm but with an added natural mineral color.
I tried the Pearl shade and liked how it showed a light shimmer of pink on my lips. HibisKiss also has a sweet smell to it. These are $4.99 each.

I also like Crazy Rumors because they are Leaping Bunny approved. This means their products are cruelty free. I am a lip balm addict and can say from experience that I am happy with these.

The lips balms come in a variety of wonderful flavors. They are priced at $3.49 each. They make wonderful stocking stuffers for any lip balm or beauty product lover.

Crazy Rumors on Social Media:

Like them on Facebook and Follow them on Twitter.

What flavor would you try?

*Disclosure-I received a complimentary product for the review. All thoughts are my own.*

Friday, November 28, 2014

Brick Loot Subscription Box Review

Brick Loot Subscription Box

Brick Loot is a subscription box that offers Lego and Brick fans a great surprise every month. The box is filled with unique brick products that are compatible with Lego and offer custom builds. Each box will come with 4-8 items.

My son Noah is 6 yrs old now and is very much a Lego fanatic. He enjoys building sets but also making his own creations, which are called moc. 

Brick Loot

Inside this box was a lot of great items. JK Brickworks designs and builds custom models using Lego bricks. Each box will come with one custom build. Brick Forge comes out with some really cool weapons and accessories for mini figures. One can never have too many mini figures.
Nano Block is pretty neat but not quite for my son yet. My husband and I thought they were pretty cool. OYO creates buildable mini-figures that are sports related. This was cute even for those are not sports fans.

JK Brickworks Custom Build

My personal favorite was the Brick Popper. This comes in handy when my son can't take something apart, and neither can I. I have used tweezers in the past to get things apart.

Brick Popper

Liteup Blocks are pretty neat too. You can mix the bricks in to add some light up fun to your designs.

Overall I think this is one of the best subscription boxes out there. Our family loves it. We have used one other subscription box that was geared towards boys and this blows it out of the water.


1 month subscription costs $27+ shipping

The price is good when thinking of how much Lego and brick items cost these days. 

Brick Loot on Social Media:

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Coupon Code:

Use "barefoot" for 10% off any subscription. This code expires 12/31/14.

Do you love Lego and brick toys? What would you create?

*Disclosure-I received a complimentary product for the review. All opinions are my own.*

Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Crispery Crispycakes Review

The Crispery Crispycakes

The Crispery makes Crispycakes that are handmade crisp rice marshmallow treats. Theses treats are seriously delicious. I remember when I was a young kid, crispy treats were a favorite for classroom birthday celebrations. Kids love crispy treats.

Inside The Crispery box

My daughter was home when the box arrived. She was super excited to see what was inside. I guess you can tell which one was her favorite. Although, she first picked all the candies off first. Who am I kidding? We loved them all. My son's favorite was the white chocolate drizzle. 

They also now have gluten free flavors. All Crispycakes are very large. I think I could eat half in one sitting. They really put a lot of marshmallow goodness inside every bite. 

I think these would be great dessert treats for the holidays. Santa might want one alongside his cookies. 

The Crispery on Social Media:

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Do you enjoy crisp treats and marshmallows? Then this is the perfect treat for you.

Coupon Code:

Use "Barefoot15" for 15% off your order.

*Disclosure- I received complimentary products for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.*

Monday, November 17, 2014

Celebrate the Holidays with Bouqs

Bouqs Bouquet

The Bouqs flowers are grown on an active volcano in South America. They also have farms in California. I like brands that are sustainable and eco-friendly. These flowers are seriously gorgeous.

Out of the box
They come in a box and wrapped up so the flowers do not get damaged. 


There are so many different Bouqs bouquets to choose from. They have many roses but also offer Lillies and Orchids. I am a huge fan of Orchids and think I will have to get some soon. The holidays are coming up and what a great gift these would be for a loved one. You can even buy them for the centerpiece for your table.

The basic arrangement cost $40. They also have bigger sizes at $50. Shipping handling is included with the price. I think this is great because in the past I have ordered my mother flowers through other companies and the price with shipping was crazy. 

They also have a great referral program where you refer 2 friends and get a free bouquet. They also get $10. 

Connect with Bouqs on Social Media:

Follow them on Twitter and Like them on Facebook for more information.

What is your favorite flower? 

*Disclosure-I received a complimentary product for the purpose of this review. All thoughts are my own.*

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