Wednesday, November 4, 2020

The Toy Insider Holiday of Play Event


The Toy Insider is known for their cool toy events. The main event that happens in the summer is Sweet Suite. This was my first time seeing their Holiday of Play. Although it couldn't be in person this year, they put on an amazing virtual event. I am so impressed by the virtual world. You can visit each booth to see the newest toys coming out. 

My 2 girls love all the toys. They were really excited to get the swag box. 

Mini Brands has the cutest tiny toys inside. My 4 year old likes Trinity and Madison on YouTube. 

The Exploding Kittens game is such a clever card game. 

My 8 year old daughter goes crazy for slime. I am not so crazy for it. I usually hope it doesn't get on any blankets.

Crayola is such a classic brand. I think this paper maker would be a really neat gift. 

What is on your child's wishlist this year?

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Cute Halloween Books



Halloween is around the corner. Here are two adorable books to read to your little ones. 
One Black Cat by Robie Rogge and Illustrated by August Ro is a really neat board book. Conjure up the perfect Halloween with this 3D novelty board book. 

Open it up and look inside. I think black cats get a bad reputation. I personally love them.
This book is good for ages 1 to 5. 

In a Spooky Haunted House is a really cool pop-up book. This is by Joel Stern and illustrated by Christopher Lee. Good for ages 3 to 5. 

Go on a haunted Halloween adventure through a spooky house in this sturdy book. 

I used to love pop-up books as a kid. I am so glad my own kids get to see this. 

Both of these books are from Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing company. 

Check out their books here.

What is your favorite Halloween book? Do you like scary stories?

Friday, September 18, 2020

Toys For The Little Ones


Three of my kids liked playing with Magformers. They are great for learning shapes and building. The magnets are strong and there are different shapes and colors. You can use your imagination and build whatever you want. My 4 year old is really enjoying them now. 

Dolce infant toys are so cute. I like how it is soft and interactive. There is different textures and one of the wings makes a crinkle sound.

Check out Dolce Toys here on their website. 

What does Dolce stand for? Develop, observe, learn, create, educate 

The toys are geared for STEM learning at an early age. 

Here is Ethan with his toy. Our 4th child is now 4 months old. I forgot how sweet this age was.

There are so many fun toys out now. I love both the Magformers and Dolce for my little ones.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

End of Summer Giveaway


The end of summer is coming near. School starts again soon. Some of us will be teaching virtually or homeschooling and others will be going back to class full time. My daughter goes back full time. My son goes back 2 days in and 2 days online. They both have to wear masks. I am not looking forward to this new year in school. I have a feeling my kids will complain about something.

I wanted to do a giveaway for the ladies who follow the blog. 

It is easy to enter. Do 1 entry or all entries for more chances to win.

Prize: Victoria's Secret E gift card $25
I will email your gift card to you.

Open to US 18+ only

Once giveaway is closed I will email you. You will have 48 hrs to get back to me or I will have to choose another winner.

Victoria's secret e gift card $25

Monday, August 24, 2020

Chocolate Pen


Chocolate Pen is a cute tool for the kids to use when creating some creative treats. 

What does the kit come with?

1 chocolate pen
warming tray
stirring stick
mold designs
4 yummy colors
charging cable

You can add one of a kind designs to cupcakes and cakes. We placed our chocolates in the fridge to speed up the process. 

I had to try using them pen a few times, to add the chocolate to the pen. It is pretty neat.

There is a button that you use to load up the chocolate and also to draw.

The melting tray keeps the chocolate warm.  Keep it closed. To help melting the chocolates, you put the pack of chips into a hot water bowl. An adult should do that part. And keep an eye on the kiddos when using the warming tray.

This is such a cute DIY project for the kids. 

The chocolate pen is available at Walmart, Target and Amazon.

Thursday, August 20, 2020

The Little Kitten By Nicola Killen


The Little Kitten by Nicola Killen is a cute book for the kids, especially around fall and Halloween.
The illustrations are sweet with black and white and autumn colors. I like stories about cats. 
My almost 4 year old is getting more into books and story time. 
Autumn is my favorite season too. 
The suggested reading ages is 4 to 8. Which I agree is the right age. 
I think overall this is a lovely book to share with your children. 

Nicola Killen has other books such as The Little Rabbit and The Little Reindeer. 

You can find this book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Stay Home With Goliath Games

Banana Blast

This summer you might be staying home more due to the virus. Maybe your state is slowly opening up again. For now you have to make sure the kids are entertained this summer. My 2 girls get very antsy and always need things to do. They love playing games too.

Banana Blast is such a cute and fun game to play with the little ones.

Banana Blast

You roll the die. Players follow what is on the die and pull out bananas. You try to catch the monkey in the middle when he flies up. 

Banana Blast

I love games that aren't too complicated. And games that my almost 4 yr old and 8 yr old can play together.

Gator Golf

Gator Golf is another cute interactive game. That is my favorite part about Goliath Games. Their games keep you moving. 

Gator Golf

Gator Golf comes with a golf club and 4 colorful balls. Geared toward ages 3 and up. Try to aim into his mouth.

Check out all the games that Goliath has to offer on their website.

Do your kids like playing board games? 

You should try one or both of these games. 

Monday, May 11, 2020

Ravel Tales Toy

Ravel Tales is a new toy that you unwind. As you unwind the yarn, you will find lots of different craft projects and a cute little plushie too. There are 12 different plushies to collect inside.

I love how it comes with lot of yarn.

This is what the box looks like. Open it up and start unwinding.

Some yarn you will use to stuff a little pet bed. Other yarn you can use to make a pom pom or necklace.

My 7 year old thought this was cute. She likes doing crafts too.

This was the plushie she got inside the ball of yarn.

You can make this plushie a little bed. Sew it with the yarn given and stuff it too.

I think this is such a cute and creative toy for kids.

This will be available in stores very soon this month.

Do your kids like doing crafts?

Ravel Tales will be on Amazon to purchase.

Monday, March 30, 2020

Keeping Busy During the Coronavirus


During this crazy time of being inside during the Coronavirus, we have been cooking more.
I have been trying to make new recipes and try out new things.
My favorite hobby is crochet, so I usually do that. I don't mind baking or trying new treats.
I think we all like the crepes. You can add butter or powdered sugar. Add fruits or Nutella.

What have you been doing to stay busy? Does your state have a stay at home order.

We are in the state of New York. So right now we have no school until April 15th. This should be very interesting. Teachers are amazing, they can get my kids to do work. 

Have you been getting stir crazy?

Do you have favorite food recipes?

Let me know in the comments.

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Zoku Stainless Steel Bottle Giveaway

Zoku Stainless Steel Bottle

The Zoku Stainless steel bottle holds 18 oz. You can use it for hot and cold liquids. Put some tea or coffee in there for your morning commute. You can also put hot soup inside for lunch.

It is very sturdy and solid. It is double walled vacuum insulated. 

Leak proof and spill proof. 

This is great to give to the kids in their lunch boxes. You can even use it for yourself.

You can buy it on Amazon.

You can also win a bottle of your own. Enter this easy giveaway.

Giveaway starts March 5 and goes to March 30th.

Win Zoku's Reusable Stainless Steel Bottle #8

Thursday, February 27, 2020


Our local mall has a new LEGO store. We are all excited. I think LEGO is the one thing we all equally enjoy. Yes, even us adults are fans.

I really like the wall of LEGO where you can fill a container of the pieces you want.

They have so many new fun sets available. My son likes Ninjago sets and also the classic sets.

My girls love Frozen and anything Disney. The Friends sets are great too.

We also like the LEGO mini figures that come in blind bags.

I recently have been watching the LEGO Masters tv show. I know it is a reality tv show but it is still fun to watch.

Do you like LEGO? Have you watched the new show at all?

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Zoku 11 Piece Neat Stack Giveaway

Zoku Neat Stack Nesting Container Set contains 11 Pieces. It includes a freezer pack which will attach to any size container. I love the color bands and that there are 3 different sizes.

These containers are leakproof and super secure. I think they are one of the best containers to keep your leftovers in. You can also pack these in any to go lunch boxes. The smaller size is good for maybe a child's lunch box.

Zoku Neat Stack

Where to find Zoku Neat Stack? Check out their website. They have so many neat kitchen products.

Enter the Giveaway to win your very own Zoku Neat Stack. The retail price is $29.99.

Giveaway is open until the 27th of February. Prize will be shipped from Sponsor. Make sure to check your email if you are the winner.

Win Zoku's 11-pc Neat Stack #8

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Zoku Pocket Straw Giveaway

The reusable Zoku Pocket Straw is great for on the go life. You can take it with you anywhere.
It comes with a case, brush, and straw. It extends up to 9 inches.
Many bars and restaurants are getting rid of plastic straws. Some places use paper straws and other places do no give out straws anymore. I personally like a straw at a restaurant. There is nothing wrong with bringing your own.

Maybe you have small children who are still used to straws, this is a great green way to be.
Reducing waste by using reusable materials and tools is helpful for the environment.

You can win one of these straws. Follow the giveaway widget.

Find the pocket straw here on the Zoku website.

Win Zoku's Stainless Steel Pocket Straw #8

The prize will be shipped from sponsor. The giveaway ends January 27th.

*This product was complimentary for review purposes.*