Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Stay Home With Goliath Games

Banana Blast

This summer you might be staying home more due to the virus. Maybe your state is slowly opening up again. For now you have to make sure the kids are entertained this summer. My 2 girls get very antsy and always need things to do. They love playing games too.

Banana Blast is such a cute and fun game to play with the little ones.

Banana Blast

You roll the die. Players follow what is on the die and pull out bananas. You try to catch the monkey in the middle when he flies up. 

Banana Blast

I love games that aren't too complicated. And games that my almost 4 yr old and 8 yr old can play together.

Gator Golf

Gator Golf is another cute interactive game. That is my favorite part about Goliath Games. Their games keep you moving. 

Gator Golf

Gator Golf comes with a golf club and 4 colorful balls. Geared toward ages 3 and up. Try to aim into his mouth.

Check out all the games that Goliath has to offer on their website.

Do your kids like playing board games? 

You should try one or both of these games. 

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