Monday, May 11, 2020

Ravel Tales Toy

Ravel Tales is a new toy that you unwind. As you unwind the yarn, you will find lots of different craft projects and a cute little plushie too. There are 12 different plushies to collect inside.

I love how it comes with lot of yarn.

This is what the box looks like. Open it up and start unwinding.

Some yarn you will use to stuff a little pet bed. Other yarn you can use to make a pom pom or necklace.

My 7 year old thought this was cute. She likes doing crafts too.

This was the plushie she got inside the ball of yarn.

You can make this plushie a little bed. Sew it with the yarn given and stuff it too.

I think this is such a cute and creative toy for kids.

This will be available in stores very soon this month.

Do your kids like doing crafts?

Ravel Tales will be on Amazon to purchase.