Sunday, May 27, 2018

Healthy Kids Meals With Yumble

Being a parent to multiple kids gets hectic. Lunches and snacks need to be packed. We want them to eat healthy but also quick prepare time. Yumble subscription makes it easier on us. They have many different meal options. All of them are healthy. I really like the ones that you don't even have to cook.

You open up the sleeve. There will be directions on how to prepare your kids meal. Some will tell you a cook time. Others say no cooking. I found that these meals worked well with my two daughters. My youngest who will be 2 in September, loves to eat most foods. My 5 year old likes mac n cheese. So the Yes Please Mac n Cheese was her favorite.

I found myself sharing Munch a Lunch with my youngest. These are fun for snacking too. Some kids do not eat huge meals every sitting. I find these to be good portions.

Do you need a healthy and stress free food option to feed your little ones? I would recommend trying Yumble out.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Evgie $150 Giveaway

This information is brought to you by Evgie Wall Decals. All opinions are my own. Blogger is not responsible for fulfilling the prize.

Recently we have moved into a new home. This is our first home. My two daughters will be sharing a room. I think it will be cute to find wall decals for them. My middle child, is 5 yrs old and will love decorating her room.

If you have been thinking about decorating a room or a baby's nursery, your first stop should be Evgie Wall Decals! They have amazing illustration in all prices ranges. Their sets include educational and adventurous sets. Below are a few of our favorites and it is just a fraction of what is available in their shop: space themes, animals themes, nursery and babies... basically whatever you like, you will find bright, attractive illustrations and designs.

Space Cowboys with Rangers and Aliens Wall Stickers

In this exclusive Aliens and Cowboys wall decals set, you will find a mix of fantasy with reality. It has a fascinating feeling of joy, adventure, and play, while motivating you little children to develop empathy and curiosity. Who are those Cowboys of another universe where Aliens are racing through the sky? How come they are crossing with each other in a recognizable earth-like landscape? It will help your child's imagination keep developing and creating a world of tales and journeys.

Animal Map Wall Decals

This map is an educational, fun and entertaining map that helps introduce your kids to a world map, animals, moving objects like a submarine, planes, ships, landmarks and geographical signs like mountains, tropical islands with palms and continents. It's a fun way to develop their imagination, joy, and a feeling of adventure while resembling nature with bright eye-catching and educational illustrations. The continents names can be added for free. You can even replace/add animals from their collections. Just send them a customization request!

Ocean Friends Wall Decals

These wall decals include awesome Sea Creatures with Submarine Monkeys, Cats Scuba Divers, and Sunken Pirate Ship! Underwater World with Ocean Friends and Sea Life Wall Decals features NEW item. Elements come separately and can be arranged any way you'd like.

Arctic and Antarctic Animals and Polar Friends

Polar Friends is a new amazing addition to our collection of Children Wall Decals for nursery illustrating penguins having fun and a polar mama bear with a cub and two famous whales, on the background of an ocean with icebergs and mountains.

Adorable Teddy Bears Wall Decals and Baby Nursery Wall Stickers

The cutest Teddies in the World. They are not just plush toys sitting quietly; they are trendy and curious animals doing all kinds of tricks enlightening your nursery room: climbing a tree, flying on a balloon, resting up high on a branch, playing hide and seek. Teddy Bears wall decals became a huge hit right from the start, and they are proud of many positive feedback from around the earth and happy customers who purchased it, this is one of the easiest to install and always results in a stylish nursery.

Baby Nursery Wall Decals - Charming King of the Jungle

Are you expecting a baby and you will be decorating a nursery? Surround your baby with roaring safari lions and monkeys playing tricks all around in the rainforest trees. Evgie nursery wall decals from the Jungle Safari collection has been crafted especially to brighten the playroom, and animate jungle themed nursery with recognizable characters such as The Lion King or Tarzan. You decide who your hero is! The vinyl decals feel like they are smoothly painted on the wall after the application but they are easily removable should you choose to redesign.

About EvgieNev Wall Decals:

  • Their decals get great feedback from their customers. And their customers come back and buy again!
  • It is easy to remove the wall decals and redecorate at a later time
  • Find hundreds of animals, themes, landscapes and more coming from books, historical facts, and well-recognized charters
Do you feel like redecorating? Visit EvgieNev to check out all their wall decals.

Giveaway Details:

  • Enter to win a $150 credit to EvgieNev Wall Decals.
  • It is open Worldwide (but if you live outside of the US or Canada you will pay the difference in shipping. You can also pay the difference of a decal if you find more than $150 worth of products you want to buy.)
  • This giveaway ends on June 14 1159pm EST.

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Evgie June 2018 $150 Giveaway

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Family Game Night With Goliath Games

When I was a little girl my family and I did game night on the weekend. It was fun. My dad usually won playing Monopoly. I think board games are a great way to bring the family together no matter what age we are. My 3 kids are at different game stages. My youngest is a toddler almost ready to play Lucky Ducks Game. My 5 year old who will be turning 6 very soon loves this game too. 

Each duck has a symbol on the bottom. You need to find your symbol. It is helpful for kids learning shapes and colors. 

Mr. Bucket was a great game for my girls also. He moves around and the balls pop out. You need to put your color balls inside. It is a really cute game.

Out of every game they tried all 3 of the kids loved Pop the Pig. I think this is a super fun game that everyone can enjoy. It is such a clever concept. Feed the pig. Watch his belly grow. Even my son who is 9 loved this game. This is also good with teaching numbers. There is a number on the bottom of the burgers. This number tells you how many times you need to press on the pigs head.

I'm not going to lie, we are a tech family that loves video games. I think it is important to step back from the technology and play board games. There are so many amazing games out there. Set a night each week to play with your family.

Goliath Games has a large variety of fun games to play with family and friends. 

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Do you play board games with your family? What do you like to play?

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Spring Jewelry Giveaway

Welcome to the spring time giveaway. I realized I haven't had a giveaway on my blog in a while.
The prize is one bracelet and 2 charms. The brand is KEEP Collective.

The bracelet. It is a double leather band mint and steel gray. Retail value is $39.

The charms. One charm is sterling silver Blessed and has a retail value of $15. Another charm is an arrow. It is a Pave arrow in hematite. Retail value is $19.

Entering the giveaway is easy. Follow the rafflecopter form.

Open for United States, 18 and over.

Thank you for dropping by the blog.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, May 14, 2018

Singing Machine Wise Ol Owl Calculator

The Singing Machine Wise Ol' Owl Blackboard calculator is a great learning tool for kids. I have a 9 yr old who is doing multiplication and a 5 year old who is learning addition. This is adorable and helpful at the same time. It also can speak in 3 languages. This calculator can be helpful for homework. I know sometimes I have a hard time helping my son with his math. Math these days are a little different from the ways I was taught.

You can find Wise Ol' Owl calculator on Amazon for purchase.

Basic Functions:

-sounds when buttons are touched

-auto shut off

-large LCD display for easy viewing

-colorful rubber keys

-Language function english, spanish, or French

Do you have any little ones who love to learn? I think this is a great learning tool.