Friday, July 30, 2021

Sweet Suite at Home 2021


Sweet Suite at home was a virtual event. I love how they set everything up. It is a neat virtual reality toy event. The top toy brands were there. I will show you some of our favorite new toys.

My daughters like the Cry Baby dolls. They are excited that they will now have hair. My 14 month old thinks the cartoon is cute too. 

The swag box was full of fun toys. I have to remind the 2 girls to share. 

Sadie liked the Lalaloopsy doll. The silly hair was pretty cool. You can twist her hair into different designs.

I gave my older son the Pokemon cards. He used to collect them a few years back. 

I think the Cats vs Pickles toy is really cute. Blind bag surprise. 

Overall, it was another great event. Stop by The Toy Insider for all your toy review needs.

What are some of your favorite toys this year?

Sunday, July 11, 2021

L.O.L. Surprise Tweens Fashion Doll Hoops Cutie

L.O.L. Surpise dolls are all over our home. The girls love them. This is a cute new doll.
Be Tweens Hoops Cutie. These dolls are great for the girls to play with and dress up.

The dolls come with many accessories. There are a variety of dolls too. 

You can always head over to the L.O.L. website for more fun. You can also shop on their website too. We usually find them in Target.

Do your kids like dolls?

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Family of 6


Where have I been? I haven't been posting as much recently. My 11 month old is very active. He likes a lot of attention. My 4 yr old will be going to school full time in September. This will be very helpful. 
I hope you all are doing well. This year has been crazy. 

Monday, January 25, 2021

The Lord of the Rings BendyFigs


The Noble Collection BendyFigs are cool collectibles. They do have bend to them. You can pose and display the figure. I am a Lord of the Rings fangirl. These figures have great detail.

Gandalf is one of my favorites. They also come with a stand.

They each come with an accessory. The capes are cloth.

Frodo looks pretty good too. Play with them and display them. 

You can check out more great toys at The Noble Collection.

Visit the BendyFigs website here.

BendyFigs also have figures for other fandoms. If you love Star Trek, they have a figure for you.