Friday, September 18, 2020

Toys For The Little Ones


Three of my kids liked playing with Magformers. They are great for learning shapes and building. The magnets are strong and there are different shapes and colors. You can use your imagination and build whatever you want. My 4 year old is really enjoying them now. 

Dolce infant toys are so cute. I like how it is soft and interactive. There is different textures and one of the wings makes a crinkle sound.

Check out Dolce Toys here on their website. 

What does Dolce stand for? Develop, observe, learn, create, educate 

The toys are geared for STEM learning at an early age. 

Here is Ethan with his toy. Our 4th child is now 4 months old. I forgot how sweet this age was.

There are so many fun toys out now. I love both the Magformers and Dolce for my little ones.

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