Monday, July 22, 2013

DIY Ribbon Garland

Pink Satin & Sheer Ribbons

We never had a nursery for either of my children.  So I kind of missed out on the fun of making a cute room full of pink or blue.  I'm not sure how much longer we will be in this apartment but I felt the need to add some color to our bedroom.  Ribbon garland is really easy to make.  You can make garland with ribbons and fabric.  

I chose two types of ribbon, 3/8 inches in size.  These spools held 10 yards each.  In total, 40 yards of ribbon were used for this project.  

1.  You need to tie the ribbons onto one long piece of ribbon, jute, or twine.  
2.  Cut the little pieces of ribbon to whatever length you want.  
3.  I took the piece of ribbon and knotted them onto the main piece of ribbon.
4.  Alternate colors or fabric pieces until you have the amount you desire.

Ribbon Garland

My finished project came out shorter than I wanted but I can always go back to Michael's and get some more spools of ribbon.  The pictures in the frame are of my son, I need to print some physical photos of my daughter.  I would like to try to make a garland out of fabric or tulle.  

Do you like making your own decorations or party supplies?  What kind of garland would you make?

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