Sunday, August 11, 2013

Breakfast For Dinner


Waffles for dinner!  Why not?  It is super easy to make and versatile.  Waffles are good with a lot of different things.  I used this recipe as my starter and you can always play around with more sugar or different extracts.  I don't make them the full size because I like the way the edges look.

What are some fun waffle combos?
-Nutella & Waffles
-Ice Cream on top of waffles
-Waffles with syrup & butter
-Waffles & Fried Chicken
-Waffles with sausage and/or bacon

And that list can go on and on.  Why else do I like making waffles for dinner?  Saves money.  The ingredients are things that I like to keep stocked in my kitchen.  Flour, sugar, vanilla extract, and eggs have so many uses.  I think the most expensive item on that list may be vanilla extract.  

Stack them up

What breakfast do you like to have for dinner?  

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