Saturday, September 7, 2013

Upcycle Project

Leather Pants

I had a pair of teal leather pants in the closet.  Why would I have teal leather pants?  I can blame it on my odd teenage years.  I only wore these pants one time.  Instead of trashing them, I decided to have fun.  What could I make with leather?  Upcycle time!  I love upcycle craft projects.  

Simple Rectangle Bookmark 

My first and super quick item that I made was a bookmark.  I don't have any bookmarks around.  Usually I just grab a piece of paper to mark my spot.  Cut out a rectangle shape and fringe the end.  It only takes a minute to do this and I think it looks nicer than scrap paper.  

Trace Envelope onto Material

Next I made a simple pouch.  I took an old envelope and opened it up to use for my pattern.  Traced it onto the back of the leather.  

Then I cut out the pattern.  Folded it and used a no sew tape to hold it in place.  Not sure how durable the no sew tapes are but so far, so good.  I still need a snap or screw back for the closure.  Overall, it is simple to do and you can use different patterns to change the look of the pouch.  

Simple Leather Pouch

I still have a leg left of the leather pants.  I might make some fringe key chains and even some leather bracelets.  It might have been a poor color choice when I was a teen but it looks better for accessories.  

Did you ever find a piece of clothing in your closet and wonder "what was I thinking?"
What else do you think I should make?

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