Tuesday, December 3, 2013

DIY Gift Tags and Confetti

Made with a Fiskars Craft Punch

I have started collecting paper craft punches.  There are a ton of cute punches available.  I started out with a Martha Stewart butterfly punch but didn't like how the edges came out.  And it seemed to get stuck in one spot.  I bought a Fiskars heart punch from Amazon.com and really liked it.  It worked and it was easy to use.

EK Tools Bat Craft Punch

I love bats so the EK Tools Craft Punch was perfect.  I found EK Tools punches to be easy to use as well. They feel heavier but they cut pretty well.  I think when it comes to crafts many things are trial and error. Some products may work better for others and some may not.  I would buy Fiskars and EK Tools products again.  

You can use the large craft punches for Tags, confetti, table place settings, decorations for baked goods and scrap booking.  

Gift Tags

Gift tags are really easy to make.  Card stock comes in many different colors and patterns.  You'll always be able to find something that is appealing to your own taste.  My favorite color is purple.  I chose a purple card stock with a slight shimmer on one side.  I cut them into rectangles with a paper cutter, then punched a hole in the top and a heart in the corner.

What did I learn?  It's okay to try out different brands until you find one that suits you best.  Some products will not meet your expectations even if they look cute.  I found a new craft obsession that I enjoy.  

Do you have a trial and error craft experience you'd like to share?  Have you gone through several brands to find what you were looking for?  

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