Friday, April 17, 2015

Daredevil Netflix Original


I'm very excited to have watched the first episode of Daredevil on Netflix. I enjoy most movies that have been based off of comics and graphic novels. This series is a Netflix original. It had a serious tone but nice fighting sequences too. I'm all about the action. My attention span is short these days. I need a story that will really grab my attention and I feel like this series will do it. Plus the whole season is out for me to binge watch. 

This month the Stream Team is focusing on lies. What do you do when your kids lie? I try to explain that there is no need to lie. Always tell the truth. Adults have problems with this more than children. In the first episode of Daredevil the client lies to Murdock. They focus on the sound of her heart beat and the fact that it increases in beats per minute when she lies. I thought that was cool since he couldn't see her acting nervous. 

For the kids this month there is another Netflix original Inspector Gadget.

I remember watching Inspector Gadget as a kid. I think I may be more excited about seeing this than my son. It looks like it will be fun. 

Do you remember this show? 
What will you be watching during your free time?

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