Wednesday, July 15, 2015

doTERRA Essential Oils Review and Giveaway

Update-doTerra now has new policies in place. They don't want their photos being used on blogs that are not their own. I edited this post so I wouldn't have to delete the entire thing. In my reviews, I always use my own opinions. I never make false claims and I never claim any sort of medical use.

I was able to try Peppermint, Lemon, and Lavender essential oils. Lavender has been a long time favorite of mine. 

What I like about Lavender:

-promotes general sense of well being
-can be applied to reflex points

What I like about Lemon:

-use to remove gum
-wood stain
-invigorating scent

What I like about Peppermint:

-works as an energizer
-stimulating to the mind
-may help motion sickness

There are a ton of other possible benefits for essential oil use. These are just a few things that I like about these oils. If I get a cold, I look to natural remedies first. Before I had my kiddos I went to a school to learn about Acupuncture. I never finished the program but I do believe that alternative medicine and natural remedies can work. Of course, Doctors are important also. 

Do you use essential oils? If you would like to try one be sure to enter this giveaway for Wild Orange.

Giveaway is open to US and 18+.
Giveaway is now over. Winner was chosen and emailed.


  1. i have not tried essential oils before now.

  2. I have used them a little in the past, but would love to use them more!

  3. I have used some essential oils. I really like them

  4. I have not tried essential oils before!

  5. I have used tea tree oil, but that is the only one. I would love to try others and get more into the oils!
    addictedtorodeo at gmail dot com
    Ashley C

  6. I love essential oils. They are wonderful!

  7. I'm unfamiliar but curious of oils. They're so popular and people swear by them. Might be time to give them a try.

  8. I have used a few essential oils, peppermint and lavender. I really liek them!

  9. I use essential oils all the time. Cleaning, bath and body products, etc. :)

  10. no i have not tried them before!

  11. I use them in my diffuser very often.
    Thanks for the contest.

    slehan at juno dot com

  12. I love using essential oils to make soaps.

  13. I've never tried essential oils before but I'm very interested in them!

  14. I've never tried essential oils before.

  15. I have never tried essential oils, but my sister swears by them! They helped her battle depression when she was pregnant!

  16. I use peppermint for cramps and muscle aches.

  17. I have not yet tried essential oils

  18. I have used lavender and clove essential oils but had not considered orange, I like that you can put a drop in your water.

  19. I started using essential oils when my young daughter was diagnosed with asthma.

  20. I haven't tried them yet but am really interested to see if they work.

  21. I use lavender every day

  22. I have used Lavender essential oil before.
    Laurie Emerson
    lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com


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