Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Create Your Own Fabric With Spoonflower

I recently got a fabric sample from Spoonflower. It was a small square sample of the Sport Lycra fabric they have. I love the feel of it. Plus, on Spoonflower there is so many different designs to choose from. If you are a designer or know someone who is a graphic designer this may be a really fun website for you. You can design your own fabric, wall paper, and wrapping paper. I think this could be a blast for the kids to do as well.

Photo credit: Spoonflower/ wall paper

The idea of creating a wall paper design is pretty neat. You could make the baby's nursery wall whatever you want. Sometimes it is hard to pick what the stores already have. Imagination and design coming together could result in the best baby room ever. Or even a kid's play room. I'm getting ideas for the day when we own a home. 

Photo credit: Spoonflower/ Wrapping Paper

How cute would it be if your little one created the next father's day wrapping paper? Or a loved one's birthday wrapping paper? You could upload some of your kid's art work and have a totally unique paper.

Photo credit: Spoonflower fabric

For all you sewers out there, Spoonflower offers a variety of designs. You can also design your own fabric. Fabrics come in everything from cotton to sport lycra, even minky. I think the sport lycra material is great for skater skirts or circle skirts. Plus they are fairly easy to make. 

They have something called the Emerging Designer Grant which offers design students a chance at getting store credit to design their own fabric. 

What would you create? I think I'm going to try out the wrapping paper and fabric design.

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