Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Pom Pom Maker

pom pom maker

I have been seeing a whole lot of pom pom garlands. Pom poms are even great to make mobiles or even wall decor. Cats also love them. 

I found this fun pom pom maker in Michael's Craft store. A place that I could spend a ton of time in, not to mention money too.

Pom Pom

They are fairly easy to use. My first try wasn't bad, but you can tell I need to make it fluffier. So that means wind more yarn. 

You wind the yarn on each side. Then close the side. I also needed to tie the middle a little tighter. I think I would use a strong string instead of yarn to tie.

Once you are done with your pom pom you can take scissors and make yarn all one length. Forming a perfect little pom pom.

I got two different sizes. One medium and one large. They come in two smaller sizes.

I think I'm going to play with different types of yarn and colors. 

Have you made a pom pom garland before?

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