Saturday, June 8, 2019

My Favorite Places for Yarn and Craft Supplies

Lion Brand Yarn

One of my favorite go to yarn brands is Lion Brand yarn. I really like all of the different types I have tried over the years. I started to crochet during high school. Back then I was obsessed with making scarves. I like making my kids blankets and trying new patterns. Always learning new things along the way. 

I have bought Lion Brand Yarn from their website and also from my local Michaels. 

Honey Silks and Co. is my favorite place to buy velvet ribbon. I seriously adore all things velvet.
I have bought and used her velvet ribbon and recycled chiffon. Both are awesome.

Honey Silks and co

A lot of florists use her ribbon for wedding bouquets. There are so many uses. I like to use the ribbon for wall decor. You can add it to any weaving for new texture as well.

Ganxxet is a great shop for fabric yarn and macrame rope. The fabric yarn comes in a variety of fun prints and solid colors. You can use it to make coasters, baskets, and so much more.
The macrame rope is nice too. So far I have tried the soft rope and I really liked it. I used it to make keychains.

Ganxxet fabric yarn

I could write about yarn and craft supplies all day. Do you have a favorite craft or hobby?

Crochet and macrame are my two favorite things to do lately.

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