Monday, April 29, 2013

Trash It or Paint It

Noah's Graffiti Art

I've been staring at this cabinet in my bathroom for a few months.  Thinking it has to go to the dumpster.  I really don't like getting rid of things.  I wanted to see what happens when I give it a little TLC.  Yes, this was just another excuse for me to do my weekly Michael's craft store shopping.  I have the Michael's store app on my smartphone so I got to use my 40% off one item coupon.

2 Bottles of Paint
I picked up two bottles of Martha Stewart's Green Gold Metallic paint.  I only wound up using one bottle.  One may say I have a slight fixation on Martha Stewart.  Sometimes I can't help myself. 

Here is what it looked like after 3 coats of paint.  I didn't really see any hints of green in it.  It mostly looked like light gold.  When I put the bamboo cabinet in the bathroom it didn't look overpowering at all.  I was pleased with the outcome.  Now that my son is 4 years old he knows not to color on furniture or walls.  Ha!  Who am I will happen again, I am sure of it.  Has your child ever colored or painted the walls?   

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