Saturday, June 8, 2013

I Love My Bread Machine

Before Mixing

Over five years ago, we bought our first bread machine.  It is a Cuisinart Bread Machine and it is so easy to use.  Follow the directions for what type of bread you want to make, put in your ingredients, close the lid, press a few buttons, and your done.  The machine will knead, let your bread rise, and then bake.  Close to three hours later you will have a warm loaf of white bread...well that is what I usually make.  Most of the time we finish an entire loaf in one day.  If you have any leftovers it would make for some nice french toast.  

What I keep in my pantry for the bread machine:

1. Bread Flour
2. Yeast
3. Butter
4. Sugar or Honey
5. Salt

I also love the way fresh bread smells throughout the apartment.  If I could have fresh bread every day I would.  

Do you make bread in a machine or oven?  What is your favorite kind to make?

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