Thursday, October 8, 2015

Stikbot Social Media Sharing Toy


Stikbot is the first social media sharing toy brought to you by Zing. Stikbot consists of these adorable little toys that you can pose and create fun stop animation videos. They come in all different colors. There little hands and feet have suction cups on them to make posing easier. You can go to the Google Play store or the Apple Store and download the free app. I love that the toy comes with a stand for your phone. It makes it steady so you can pose and snap the photos. This is important because you want the photos to be clear.

We have started playing around with the videos but definitely need to perfect our techniques. Stop Motion film can be a total blast to do with the family. The kids will enjoy playing with the toys as well. 

Orange Stikbot

I have a feeling my husband will be a lot better at this than me. He is good at posing the figures. I love creative toys like this. They are affordable too. These would be perfect Holiday gifts for any child. Who am I kidding? Adults may enjoy them too!

Clear Stikbot Up Close

You can see that they can go in all directions. From September 7- November 29 Stikbot is having a make a video contest. It looks like they are offering cash prizes.

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If you make any videos, make sure you use the hashtag #stikbot on social media. 

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