Thursday, July 28, 2016

Make Your Own Shopkins Charm Bracelet

Shopkins Charms

In season 5 of Shopkins there are cute, little charms that come in the 5 and 12 packs. My daughter loves Shopkins and has quite a collection now. We made her a little bracelet before she got the actual rubber one that comes with the 5 packs. 

You can use any beads and string you want. We had these wood beads laying around. We also used a elastic black cord. 

Shopkins Charm Bracelet

This is the actual bracelet that comes with the Shopkins. I think its fun to make the bracelets using beads that the kids will like. They can make it themselves too. Go to the craft store and let them pick out some colorful ones to match the Shopkins.
Do you have a Shopkins fan at home? New dolls and play sets keep coming out.

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