Sunday, July 24, 2016

My Mini Mixie Q's Blind Box

My Mini Mixie Q

My Mini Mixie Q's are super tiny but super cute. They are the newest blind boxes on the market. Brought to you by Mattel. You get 2 per box. My daughter is already loving these. 

My Mini Mixie Q's

Each Mini Mixie Q comes with a hair style and an outfit that you can take off. You can switch them around and create different looks. In our place, they are easily lost. We have a ton of tiny toys.

This little one is Gamer Girl. We also have Roller Derby. They are fun to collect. 

We got our blind boxes at Target. 

Have you seen these yet? Which figures do you have?


  1. Nope, haven't seen these yet. Headed to Target today for grocery shopping, will check them out!

  2. The best part would be switching around their cute little outfits. I can see this going over well!

  3. My daughter would love these! I am just starting to plan a few things for Christmas (I am a planner) and this would be great stocking stuffers.

  4. When you say "blind box" does that mean you can't see what's inside when you buy it? Like a surprise? I like that idea and these are super cute!

    1. Yes, it is a surprise. My daughter loves all of the bags and box surprises.

  5. I just saw these today in the store! My kids love blind boxes, surprise bags, and whatever you call them. It's such fun to collect.


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