Thursday, September 8, 2016

Animal Jam Toys

Animal Jam Plushies

My son adores the Animal Jam game made by National Geographic Kids.  Animal Jam toys are now available at Walmart and many other stores. We have found some at our local Walmart and also Toys R Us. The toys are made by a brand called Jazwares. They sell plushies, mini blind box toys, figures, and figures that come with dens. The best part is that they come with a code. This code can be redeemed in game. My son has a membership for Animal Jam and my daughter just plays a non member character. He enjoys decorating his characters, which are animals. These plushies had codes that gave us rare plushies in game. You can then decorate your den with all the plushies you have collected. The dens come with your account in game.

Animal Jam Figures

Animal Jam figures are cute. They come with accessories that come off and you can decorate each figure. They come with wings and hats. And of course, the in game codes.

We have a ton more but the tiny accessories have been collected by my daughter. 

Animal Jam Adopt a Pet Blind Box

The Animal Jam Adopt a Pet boxes are fun because they are blind boxes. This means you do not know what you will get inside. The codes that come with them can be redeemed and you might get gems or an item. You need to redeem 5 of these codes for another special in game prize/item. These boxes are harder to find for us. They run out really fast in the stores. You can find them online on Amazon.

Inside Adopt a Pet

Inside Adopt a Pet boxes you will get a tiny animal, a food dish, and an accessory.

These are great for stocking stuffers. Any Animal Jam player will enjoy them.

Do you have children that play Animal Jam? It is a fun and safe game for kids. You do not need a membership to play. It is also educational because they put real life facts about animals in the game. 

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  1. My daughter would absolutely go crazy over these. She loves the little pets and would totally keep them in her purse

  2. I have never heard of these but they look like they would make a great gift. I bet my youngest would enjoy playing with them.

  3. I have never heard of these before, but they're cute.


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