Monday, August 5, 2019

Sweet Suite 2019 Toy Event

Sweet Suite 2019 was a really fun event for bloggers, influencers, and YouTube stars to see all the new toys coming out soon. Many toy brands were there. They served some amazing food too.
I am going to share some of the toys that my family would enjoy.

Playmobil has a lot of cool toy sets. I really liked this space one. The amount of detail that goes into these toys are amazing. Playmobil has always made me think high quality toy.

Do your kids like Peppa Pig? My youngest really likes watching Peppa. The toys are pretty cute and it looks as if they will have some good blind bags coming.

Tamagotchi really brings me back to when I was a kid. It is interesting that all the retro toys eventually make a come back. Did you play these when you were a kid?

My almost 3 year old loves watching Cry Babies on YouTube. She loves baby toys in general. These dolls cry.

It is always so much fun to go to this event. A week later you get a really sweet swag box full of toys.
Stay tuned because we will be reviewing new toys.


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