Monday, March 4, 2013

Get Your Swagbucks On

Search & Win
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Swagbucks is a website that I joined over a year ago.  It has been very helpful to me and my family.  It is also something you can choose to do for a few minutes a day or longer, depending upon how many swagbucks you would like to earn.  I use my swagbucks for credit.  For every 450 points I earn, I then trade it in for $5.00 in credit.  If you search, do the daily poll, and NOSO, you can earn over 10 swagbucks in the matter of a few minutes.  There are some people who like to watch the swagbucks tv which shows videos and earn points at the same time.  It is fun and easy to use.  I have saved up for Birthday gifts and household items with the help of Swagbucks.

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