Monday, May 6, 2013

A Quick Breakfast Parfait

This weekend I decided to shop at Trader Joe's.  I like the fact that they say "No" to GMO products.  Our family is trying to get on a more organic and healthy meal plan.  I picked up some strawberries, granola, and vanilla yogurt.  Separately, I enjoy all three of these.  Together they make a yummy little parfait.  Perfect for me during breakfast because I can't eat too much in the morning.  

My Ingredients:

Vanilla Yogurt


Start layering your ingredients in a cup or glass of your choice.  Some yogurt, granola, yogurt, strawberries, and so forth.  The wonderful thing about parfait is creating your perfect combo.  You can use any type of fruit and yogurt you desire.  I was happy with the taste of all three mixing together.  Next time around I will choose regular yogurt instead of the nonfat yogurt.  It just seemed to thin for my taste.  The granola was a total hit, I can snack on that all day.


So the next time you want a quickie in the morning, and I do mean a quick breakfast treat, make yourself a parfait. 

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