Monday, May 27, 2013

The Stomach Virus

Ever since my son has been in Pre-K, we have gotten all sorts of yucky colds.  This past week takes the cake though. I call it the stomach virus from hell.  We all had a slight variation but nonetheless, we all still felt poopy.  That is my rated G description of how I felt.  My poor son took a long time to get back to himself.  I am very happy my 11 month old did not get it bad.

Ok, so if you are vomitting or have diarrhea, remember to keep it light when eating.  Dry toast, rice porridge, water, and garlic are some helpful foods.  If you can't keep food down just stay hydrated.  My son would only drink water and tried toast too.  I ate garlic because I know it has anti-viral properties.

School is almost done and part of me is excited.  Although playgrounds are probably just as infested with germs.  What is your go to method for a fast recovery?  Do you use natural remedies?

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