Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Nature Lovers

Noah and Mama

This past weekend we went to a couple of local parks and reserves.  My son enjoys feeding the ducks and walking around when it's nice out.  It always feels nice to get outside with the family.

Turtles On Some Branches

I know the pictures aren't in great focus.  This was all taken with my phone camera, which is better then the dinosaur camera I have at the moment.  The turtles on the branches were pretty neat to see.  We saw turtles at both parks.  

My Hubby Carrying Nia

Another thing I love...baby carriers.  Whether you have a sling or carrier, these things are so wonderful.  I didn't wear my son too much but use the carrier a lot more with my daughter.  
We had a lovely little weekend.  The Beatles were right on target with the song "All You Need Is Love".  My family makes my heart complete.

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