Monday, February 6, 2017

Genial Day Feminine Products Review

Genial Day

Genial Day offers organic feminine products that are made of good quality. I was always curious to see if organic or natural pads would work. Every woman wants to be comfortable and protected during her period. Finding a product that has no harsh chemicals is even better. 

The pads and liners are run through tests to make sure there are no chemicals or bacteria. No skin irritation or reactions from this product. I tried out the liners and pads and were pleased with how they held up. I even liked these better than certain leading brands out there on the market. 

Genial Day even makes underwear that are made from organic cotton. The panties are air permeable so the skin can breathe all the time. They are designed with pad wing pockets. The wings from the pads fit nicely inside so you don't see the wings from the bottom of the underwear. Silver Plus ion technology is to inhibit odor causing bacteria.

Genial Day 

Overall I was very pleased with all of the products. My favorite part is that they are organic and chemical free. This is so important since it is touching your sensitive skin. I wish more people knew about this wonderful brand.

Genial Day EiVi Underwear

They even offer subscription plans. How smart is that? Never having to worry about if you will run out of pads each month. Genius!

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(*Received complimentary products for the review. All thoughts are 100% my own. *)

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