Tuesday, February 14, 2017

National Tooth Fairy Day With PLAYMOBIL


National Tooth Fairy Day is February 28th. Celebrate with an adorable PLAYMOBIL play set. My daughter loved this little fairy. She came with a tooth box that really opens up. 

You can customize the tooth case with a name tag and rhinestone. You can find it here.

My daughter who is 4 right now has not lost any teeth yet. We are big fans of PLAYMOBIL though. The figures are very sturdy. The wings are a nice touch. 

Tooth Fairy

As always you can play with this set by itself or combine it with all your other sets. 

Do you tell your kids about the tooth fairy? If so, has the tooth fairy visited your home recently?

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  1. How cute. I like the little tooth holder. What a cute way to celebrate the lost of a tooth.

  2. Oh My Gosh, what a great idea. I was always worried that my daughter's tooth would get lost while under her pillow! She was a wiggle worm. This is so neat and I am sure little ones would love it.

  3. I'm a huge fan of Playmobile - they have unique takes on toys. Wish I had seen this toy when my kids were little

  4. What a cute figurine! Playmobil makes a lot of fun stuff!

  5. I used to get so excited every time I lost a tooth and thought that the tooth fairy would come and give me a few dollars. Especially even more when I found a $20 bill under my pillow. Gotta love those days. Nice memory to think about when getting older.

  6. Both my kids have lost a lot of teeth. They believe in the tooth fairy or at least in her magic! If I can give advice, when she is at the age to lose teeth have some dollar bills in an envelope ready to give! I have been without money or only have a $20!

  7. This is a nice little set! I'm sure the Playmobil tooth fairy will find herself taking part in all sorts of imaginary adventures!

  8. I love Playmobile!!! I had no idea there was a Tooth Fairy Day which is ironic because it is my daughter's birthday. I think I just got a fun gift idea.


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