Tuesday, August 30, 2016

DIY Easy Yarn Hanging

Wall Hanging

It is really simple to make your own wall decor. All you need is yarn/roving, a hoop/wood dowel.

You can try using yarn or wool roving. You can also use a wood dowel rod or even a metal hoop. I used a hoop for my projects at home. I made one with wool roving, which is thicker and fuller.
I also made one with thick yarn. 


In the photo, the black yarn was of a thicker variety. The purple yarn is basic size. The colorful one on the bottom is roving. Which is unspun wool. People use the roving to make yarn.

Metal Hoops

You can find the metal hoops at a craft store or online. They are called macrame rings. 

Wool Roving

The wool roving I used was from an Etsy Store. It was a sampler bag that included a rainbow of fun colors. I like working with roving because it is so soft and bulky.

Step 1.

You take your desired length yarn and cut it. Fold it over. Grab it from the fold.

Cut and fold

Step 2.

Take the folded end and drape over the ring. Then you pull the tails through the top. It is similar to the way you would make a tulle tutu. The no sew kind.

Keep adding yarn until you get the desired width you want. It is very easy to make. Experiment with different colors and lengths. You can even use ribbon or thin pieces of recycled fabric. 

These wall hangings give a boho vibe to any room. 

Do you enjoy making your own decor? 


  1. What a funky and cool decorative. I am liking the idea quite a bit!

  2. What a unique hanging for your wall! I am a knitter so I have a ton of odds and ends from various projects around the house. Love the shade you chose, they look amazing together!

  3. I have a lot of cousins who love knitting and other yarn crafts so this would be perfect for them! Maybe in a craft room?

  4. That is really cool! Those colors are gorgeous - so rich. Looks like a fun and easy craft.

  5. I love making my own decor. I've been dying to make a boho type wall hanging myself.

  6. now that is one interesting craft you made. I am loving the colors and the uniqueness of it.

  7. I'm not a crafty person. I do however love to decorate and take pictures!

  8. As a yarn lover I have to say this is a cool craft. I would love to display some of my stash instead of hiding it away.

  9. This would be a great way to utilize all the yarn I have waiting to be crocheted in bins in my closet!


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