Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Kalencom Diaper Bag

Kalencom Bellisima Diaper Bag

Carrying a diaper bag doesn't mean you have to look less fashionable. You can find beautiful and chic diaper bags on Kalencom's website. Kalencom makes a variety of cool diaper bags that will fit your own personal style and fashion sense.

I am so excited to review their Bellisima diaper bag. I tend to gravitate toward the color black. It goes with most of my clothing. What I really like about the Bellisima is that it looks like a regular pocket book. I'm going to be a 3rd time mom this September. With my first child I had a diaper bag that looked more like a messenger bag but still kind of bulky. When my second came around, I really didn't own a diaper bag. Now for baby number 3, I'd like to look like a pro and be completely prepared for any situation. Well, to be honest, I'm not the most organized mom. 

Diaper Bag Features:

- 3 interior pockets

- a matching insulated bottle bag

- a coordinating zippered pouch

- large folded changing pad 

I like that it has an insulated bottle bag and the pouch is perfect to hold a few diapers. 3 different pockets is great. One for my phone, another for keys, and maybe some lip balm. 

Bellisima Diaper Bag and changing pad

I like the color of the changing pad. It is a pretty teal color and soft too.

Thinsulate Insulated bottle Bag

I never used an insulated bottle bag before. This will come in handy.

Inside Kalencom Diaper Bag

The inside of the bag is lined in the same color as the changing pad. Such a pretty color and it looks nice next to the color black. There is plenty of room for a whole pack of wipes, a bottle, snacks, diapers, and my own personal items. I will even use this when I'm out to brunch with friends.

I know I will feel confident and stylish carrying the Bellisima. 

The Bellisima comes in 5 different colors/patterns. So if you don't buy everything in black like me, you can opt for another color. 

Items over $50 qualify for free ground shipping.

Are you looking for a diaper bag or nobody someone who is expecting? Diaper bags make great gifts at baby showers. Kalencom is offering my readers a discount. 

Discount Code:  BAREFOOT

This code is good for 25% off your order. It will expire August 31, 2016.

Go to Kalencom and see all the nice bags they have to offer. 

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(*I received a diaper bag for review. All opinions are my own. *)


  1. I totally wish I had this bag! Although I am at the end of carrying a diaper bag for my girls. I am so desperate for a cute bag. Love this diaper bag.

  2. This is so cute! I do not carry a diaper bag now, but when I did I would have loved this one. It looks like a purse.

  3. now that is one good looking bag - why didn't they have ones that looked like this when my kid was little ;)


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