Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Lisa Frank Leggings


RageOn has some really fun clothing. They have leggings and shirts in all different themes. I personally love the Lisa Frank Leggings. I really want a pair for myself. Yes, I am aware there are unicorns on them. Unicorns rock!

Do you want things for your apartment? The you can get shower curtains and bedding. They all come in fun themes. 

Back to Lisa Frank. Remember her cool and wild colored stationary? It was all over school, well back when I was in grade school. Dolphins, tiger cubs, unicorns, oh my! 

Use the coupon code for 10% Off:


Let me know if you get anything cool. It's back to school and some of this stuff would be great for your teenager or college bound student.

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  1. My daughter was a huge Lisa Frank fan when she was younger. We bought so many Lisa Frank school supplies every year!

  2. I bet my teen daughter would like those leggings too. She'd def. love the unicorns on them. :)

  3. There's a lot going on in those designs. I had forgotten all about Lisa Frank. The leggings would be very popular with my niece!

  4. Ha! I grew up with Lisa Frank everything! I have to check these out. I'm sure it would be a hit for me!

  5. What a cute selection! My kids would love the Adventure Time clothing! I love Lisa Frank myself!

  6. I remember Lisa Frank! She was so popular when I was younger. I love these shirts and I bet there will be a lot of kids wanting them for back to school.


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