Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Make Your Own Plushie

Quick and Easy Plushie

You can make your own plushie with 2 simple materials. All you need is fleece and stuffing or filler.
We had some pink fleece material in the closet, so I decided to make my daughter a quick little plushie. She uses it for her baby stuffed animals. It's a no sew plushie and is really easy to make. 

You can use the cut and knot technique or you can sew. 

Materials you need:

- Any color fleece material
- Quilt filler or stuffing

Soft Filler

We had stuffing on hand. I had originally gotten stuffing for another plushie we made. The other plushie was made using felt and hand sewing. That took a little longer to do. And my hand sewing skills need some work. 

Soft Fleece Material

Fleece can feel really soft, which is always important for a plushie. You can also decorate your design after you finish knotting. Have your kids draw or add fun embellishments. 

What other projects can you do with fleece?

- no sew blankets

- no sew pillows

- no sew floor cushions

Our next project is to make a giant no sew floor cushion. If you don't like the knot technique, there are a few other techniques that don't require sewing. 

Check out the "braided" technique here. This blog shows the braided look for the edge. I like how it looks and will try this next time.

Have you ever made any no sew projects? I'd love to hear about them.

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